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Even Santas Feast on Biker Jim's Reindeer Dogs

Jim Pittenger, former repo man and owner of Biker Jim's, is not shy about the unusual kinds of meat used in his sausages. He gained a national reputation for slinging some enticingly exotic sausages, including rattlesnake, elk, and Alaskan reindeer. But the latter iteration of the hotdog, the reindeer, is not an easy sell during the the holiday season, Cafe Society reported.

While Pittenger assures customers that the reindeer have not previously served on Santa's present-delivery fleet, he acknowledges that around Christmas, there is some stigma that goes along with serving reindeer. Santa himself, however, may have endorsed the unusual hotdog. During his first winter slinging dogs downtown, Pittenger found himself close to a visit Santa display where six different Clauses worked around the clock. "Of the six, three ate the reindeer sausage," Pittenger told Cafe Society. "The other three were having nothing to do with it at all," he added.

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