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Welcome to Cocktail Week

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Denver's Top Bartenders
Denver's Top Bartenders
Photography by Jennifer Olson

This week, Eater sites across the country, from New York to LA and right here in Denver, buckle down to celebrate Cocktail Week. This dedicated coverage acknowledges the importance of cocktails in the culinary scene, in the lives of diner-outers, and in the grand scheme of a well-rounded eating experience.

The featured photo, created by photographer Jennifer Olson, highlights some of the top cocktail-makers and bartenders in Denver and Boulder. From left to right: Kevin Burke and Brian Smith of Colt & Gray, Anika Zappe of Punch Bowl Social, Alexandra Parks of Oak at Fourteenth, Adam Hodak of the Green Russell, Joe Hines of Williams & Graham, Allison Anderson of Frasca, Bryan Dayton of Oak at Fourteenth, Sean Kenyon of Williams & Graham and the Squeaky Bean, Mike Henderson of Root Down and Linger, Ryan Layman of Steuben's, Randy Layman of Ace, and Ken Kodys the Wynkoop and Breckenridge Breweries. Eater focuses on these spirit-shakers during Cocktail Week because they not only make our drinks, but also create a positive experience for us, the guests.

What else will Cocktail Week include? Everything from spotlights on local spirits, features of mixology trends, stories on unique cocktail programs, hangover cures, and cocktail heatmaps of more than one kind.

You are charged with sharing your opinion through comments and the tip line. What is your favorite bar and why? What bartender shakes your gloomiest mood into a pleasant one? Where do you go for the best negroni, bloody mary, manhattan, and pisco sour? All your cocktail-related commentary is requested this week. Cheers!

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