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Trends: Boozy Milkshakes

There is some movement happening in the boozy milkshake arena in Denver. Eateries like Steuben's have featured boozy shakes for several months and others have jumped on the adult milkshake wagon since. Trend? It appears so.

Ryan Layman of Steuben's launched the boozy shake menu just as summer kicked off in Denver. Featuring five different combinations of ice cream and spirits and liqueurs, the adult milkshake program is going strong. Among the offerings, find the Double Double, an easy-to-love double malt whiskey and malted milk mix, the Shakey Wallbanger, combining the herbal Galiano liqueur with triple sec, orange juice, and vanilla soft-serve, and the Absinthe Frappe, featuring the local Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte.

At TAG Burger Bar, there is an entire milkshake bar for all ages and no less than six boozy shakes for grown ups. They range from the Rock-n-Roll All Night, a Jagermeister, Red Bull, milk, and vanilla ice cream combo, to the Back in the USSR, a Vodka, ginger beer, milk, lime juice, and vanilla ice cream blend, and the Kentucky Woman, which mixes Bourbon, milk, sea salt caramel ice cream, and strawberry ice cream.

Newly opened Punch Bowl Social features a bacon washed bourbon adult milkshake called the Maker's Squeal. It comes with a candied bacon garnish and marries the boozy shake trend with the fat-washing one.

At EDGE, Mommy's Little Helper is offered in the In-Room Dining menu. The boozy shake combines Maker's Mark, caramel sauce, Sweet Action vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream, and is topped with white chocolate shavings and chocolate sticks.

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