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Hangover Cures: Bartender Edition

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What do you do when you're hungover, Eater asked the bartenders featured on the Top Bartenders Uncovered series. Here's what they had to say:

Anika Zappe, Beverage Director at Le Grand Bistro and Punch Bowl Social: Red beer with clamato, lime, chipotle Tabasco and smoked salt. Two please.

Sean Kenyon of the Squeaky Bean and Williams & Graham: Lots of water and Advil before bed. If that doesn't work... just wake up and keep drinking.

Allison Anderson of Frasca Food & Wine: a b12 tablet, eggs and american cheese on toast with hot sauce and a cold beer. 

Bryan Dayton, co-owner at Oak at Fourteenth:  Ramos Gin Fizz, sleep, really bad food, and more sleep!

Alexandra Parks of Oak at Fourteenth: Sweat it out. My fiancée makes me work out and it always makes me feel better.

Ryan Layman, Bar Manager at Steuben's: A big cup of coffee & a three mile run. Sleeping in only makes it worse.

Ken Kodys, Beverage Manager and Mixologist Breckenridge - Wynkoop Group: Cosmo's pizza with spicy ranch, 6 pints of ice cold sprite, and 2 to 3 cat naps, or Bud Light instead of 23 mixed shots of jamo, tequila, grandma and chartreuse.

Mike Henderson, Bar Manager at Linger and RootDown: Have another drink... and maybe a Percocet.

Kevin Burke, Bar Manager at Colt & Gray: 1.5 oz of Peychaud's bitters, juice of half a lemon, and add 6-8 oz of freezing cold mexican coke.

Joe Hines, behind the bar at Williams & Graham: Oddly enough I crave chocolate milk when I'm hungover.

Randy Layman, Bar Manager at ACE: Ace Ginger Soda with Peychaud's Bitters. It makes me feel good just thinking about it.

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