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Hangover Makeover From Denver's Chefs

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Welcome to the Hangover Power Hour, one full hour dedicated to finding the best solution for the consequences of drinking. Up first, three of Denver's chefs shared their tricks.

maxhangover.jpgMax MacKissock, of the Squeaky Bean has a tiered formula for dealing with aftermath of heavy drinking. On hangovers, he said: "Ahhhh yes, a topic I'm all too familiar with. My strategy is based on the level of severity. For a moderate hangover I go to a healthy dose of zip-fizz, an energy supplement chock-full of vitamins. I have one or two of these daily, I honestly don't know if I would survive without it. For the really severe hangover, you have to go hair of the dog-- and the best way to do that is the chelada. It is refreshing, lightly alcoholic, and salty -- three things I'm in search of when encountering a bad hangover. Patzcuaros has the best one in town. I'll do two of those and be right as rain. For the on your death bed hangover, you need to get a b12 shot. I was working lollapalooza with the Graham Elliot crew a few years back and all the banged-up musicians were getting these with amazing effects."

Brandon Foster, executive chef at Vesta Dipping Grill recommends the garbage plate. "It's an East Coast thing that is specific to Rochester. My good friends Marc and Jen, regulars at Vesta, introduced me to this. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but it's incredible. It goes down like this: French fries and macaroni salad next to each other on a plate, plus two cheeseburgers, each one on top of each starch, smothered in hot sauce, a slow cooked ground beef sauce spiced with cloves, nutmeg, and cayenne. Ketchup, school bus mustard, and franks red hot finish this plate. It's amazing and will kill all your hangover woes."

Jorel Pierce of Euclid Hall shared his own formula: "Taylor pork roll breakfast sandwich at Masterpiece Deli on English muffin with American cheese. Double meat. Large iced coffee (they make toddy). Two puffs of something heady to offset the strong coffee. No shakes, life is all about balance after all."

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Chef Max MacKissock of the Squeaky Bean [Photo: Courtesy of Max MacKissock]

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