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Top Chef Advice From Season Seven Contestant Chef Kelly Liken

On Wednesday, November 7, Bravo TV will air the premiere episode of Top Chef, a show that is now on its tenth edition. With three Colorado chefs on the roster, Eater checked in with chef Kelly Liken of Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail who shared her wisdom and advice for the contestants and viewers. Liken was a contestant on Top Chef Season Seven, a show filmed in Washington, D.C., where she made it to the top four finalists.

Where did you watch the show when you were a contestant on it? I live in a small town about 30 minutes West of Vail. I watched the show with friends and family at my local bar The Dusty Boot every Wednesday. It was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle and people who would recognize me. I was always a little nervous.

Describe your experience watching those episodes. It can be hard watching yourself flail on TV, and everyone flails at some point. That being said, it's pretty cool to see yourself succeed. I cried when I watched myself get eliminated in the finale in Singapore. I'm such a sapp!

What advice do you have for the three Colorado chefs that made it to the show as far as finally watching the show? Don't take it too seriously or personally. It's all in good fun and you have to remember that. And... don't read the blogs the next morning, they'll drive you crazy.

What else can you add that may be helpful to the contestants or the viewers eager for the Top Chef Seattle? I'm just so excited and proud that three chefs are representing Colorado! We are putting our state on the culinary map one chef at a time. I know that Tyler, Jorel and Eliza will make us all proud to be Colorado foodies.

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