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Top Chef Contestant Tyler Wiard Dishes On Joining The Cast of Season Ten

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 7 at 8 p.m. Denver time, Bravo TV will air the premiere of Top Chef Season Ten. Three talented local chefs, Tyler Wiard of Elway's Cherry Creek, Jorel Pierce of Euclid Hall, and Eliza Gavin of 221 South Oak in Telluride, are representing Colorado on the show.

Eater asked chef Tyler Wiard to share his thoughts on the show, casting, and his odds at winning.

When did you first think I want to be on Top Chef and why? I knew when they asked me to interview for the possibility. It is a once in a lifetime chance in my eyes.

At the Denver audition, were you confident that you would make the cut? Why? I did not go to Linger for the first audition. I really never had a sense that I was going to make the cut or not on the show. 

What part of your culinary training has helped you the most in making it into the final cast?  I have had the opportunity to cook in quite a few different restaurants with amazing culinary professionals.  I have also done a ton of offsite events in my career.  I have also been fortunate to have creative license in many of the restaurants I have worked in to allow me to grow my culinary experience. 

Who would you credit for your success in the kitchen in general and who would you thank for making it to Top Chef? I have so many people to thank.  This list would be too long and I know I would forget too many people that have been in my life.  The one person that has ultimately made the most impact on me is my wife Jen.  Without her I would have never been able to be the chef and father I am today.

Did you have a Top Chef role-model, someone whose strategy you looked up going into filming the show? I did not have a Top Chef role-model.  I certainly watched a shit ton of Top Chef before I went on the show though

Good luck Chef Wiard!

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