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Eliza Gavin On Mardi Gras Beads And Making Top Chef

The premiere of Bravo TV's Top Chef show will air on Wednesday, November 7 at 8 p.m. Three Colorado chefs, Jorel Pierce of Euclid Hall, Tyler Wiard of Elway's Cherry Creek, and Eliza Gavin of 221 South Oak in Telluride, are joining the cast of the tenth edition of Top Chef. Eater asked chef Eliza Gavin to share her thoughts on the show, casting, and her odds at winning.

When did you first think I want to be on Top Chef and why? After season 2, I thought that it looked like a lot of fun and I could do well. The crazy competitions, twists and turns seemed like quite a bit of fun.

What was your road to making it on to the cast of the show? I went to Denver for an audition on Mardi Gras day. I took beads for everyone and I think that's what got me called back.

What part of your culinary training has helped you the most in making it into the final cast? My ability to get thing done fast and efficiently, helped me greatly. When the producers would ask for more photos, time or anything, I would respond quickly and concisely.

Who would you credit for your success in the kitchen in general and who would you thank for making it to Top Chef? My fantastic team at 221. They're very talented and they care so much about 221. They made it so I could go to Seattle and leave them in charge. They did a fantastic job and I'm super lucky to have them. Also, I credit my very patient husband and son. They were very supportive and I'm happy to be home with them again.

When you started Top Chef, did you have a Top Chef role-model, someone whose strategy you looked up? I really loved Jen from season 6. She was a chick that didn't take any flack from anyone else and her food was fabulous.

Tell us about your Telluride top-chef-like competition. Do you feel like that gave you an edge over the other contestants? The Telluride competition was a ton of fun. I felt that that competition gave me the confidence to do something like Top Chef. As for an edge, my fellow chef'testants are incredibly talented and I'm honored to have worked with them.

Where will you be watching the premiere? With close friends in Telluride. I want to have my loved ones around me that night. I feel it will be a surprise and shock to see myself on T.V. It is a school night so some of them will need some encouragement.

Good luck Chef Gavin!

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Eliza Gavin [Photo: Bravo TV]

221 South Oak

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