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Justin Cucci on the Three Words of 2012

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Being that it is the time of lists and rewinds of 2012, Eater asked talented and irreverent chef Justin Cucci what made a splash in 2012- what stuck and seemed to be the theme of the last twelve months? The RootDown and Linger owner spoke from the heart on the 2012 theme: three words to describe every restaurant concept. Sit back and hang tight - this came straight from the horse's mouth.


Google any three words you can think of, like any three, and some schmuck restaurant owner with bandaged up dreams and some amazing anti-creativity gene that science has yet to identify, has used those words as their tag line to encapsulate their restaurants concept, so it's super digestible and irresistible to my aunt who has Parkinson's. Here are a few, I am sure you've seen before.



Sometimes they get super creative and use lower case letters, man that's smart..


Jesus fuck, are those really necessary? I think if I were required to use one for my restaurant it would be this:


Or a different lowercase version.


A few others I thought would be great, and if anybody wants to use them let me know, as I already bought the domain names for these as an investment, since I know these will be very valuable one day:




Cocaine. Addict. Banging servers.

For a wine bar I thought this would be a good one:

Unbearable.Pretentious.It's pretty clear that drinking wine any chance you get is just an excuse to have your alcoholism be socially acceptable and minimized.

Are we really boiled down to three words? Is there no allure left, no mystery? Can't we uncover/discover the beauty and the flaws as diners. Imagine if you went on Jdate or e-harmony and all the profiles were just the same.

Father Issues.HPV.No Boundaries.


...To be continued with three-word themed rant on bacon still being the hottest girl on the block in 2012.

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