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Friends of Eater Describe 2012 in One Word

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, bloggers, and readers. For our first questions, friends of Eater weighed in on their top restaurant standbys and favorite newcomers. And now, it's time for 2012 in one word. Eater welcomes your own word to describe 2012 in the comments.


William Porter, restaurant critic, the Denver Post: Expanding. Both in the number of great local chefs and restaurants, and my waistline.

Andra Zeppelin, editor, Eater Denver: Promising.

Amanda Faison, food editor, 5280 Magazine: Movement.

Elaine St. Louis, art director, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles: Diverse.

Elizabeth L. Woessner, executive director, EatDenver: Delicious.

Jennifer Olson, food photographer and author of Colorado Organic, Cooking Seasonally- Eating Locally: Individuality.

Jessica Hunter, Eater Denver Contributor: Movin'-and-shakin' (one-word if hyphenated!). Denver had a big year between its many openings, talent championing Denver on the national scene, and new blood seeking mentorship from old guards.

Pat Miller, the Gabby Gourmet: Busy.

Bill Husted, reporter, writer, interviewer, former columnist for the Denver Post: Fat.

Tucker Shaw, features editor, the Denver Post: Confidence. This is the year when we finally answered, once and for all, the question: "Is Denver ready for ____(fill in the blank)____?" Denver is ready for it. Has been ready and waiting for some time now, actually.

Adam Larkey, contributing photographer, Eater Denver: Eater! I may be biased but I think Eater has influenced Denver's restaurant/bar scene in more than any one trend.

LeVar Battle, contributor, Denver Off The Wagon: Ready! As in, we're ready to break out and show that Denver's restaurant culture hasn't even scratched the surface of the talent we hold. Look out 2013.

Kris Browning-Blas, food editor, the Denver Post: Expanding (like my waistline).

Heidi McGuire, former Metromix Entertainment Host for 9News and currently the owner of 321 Media Productions: Satisfying.

Daliah Singer, assistant editor, 5280 Magazine: Thrilling.

Vanessa Barcus, owner of Goldyn: Interesting.

Jeremy Kossler, founder of the Denver Burger Battle: "Up."

Ruth Tobias, author of The Food Lover's Guide to Denver & Boulder and the Denveater food blog: Shitshow. Ha. But that's only in my personal life. The dining scene: dynamic. Obvious but true for the past few years.

Penny Parker, columnist at Black Tie Colorado, formerly of the Denver Post:  Small plates.

Grace Boyle, contributor, Eater Denver: FULL!

Eric Elkins, owner of social media agency and the Dating Dad website: Rye.

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