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David Wondrich at Williams & Graham, From Punch to Knitting Olympics and Hoe-Bags

Last night, Wiliams & Graham celebrated Repeal Day by hosting David Wondrich, renowned author of Punch and Imbibe, and infamous barfly. Wondrich conducted a punch seminar that started a little after 5 p.m., followed by a book signing. He then joined the William & Graham staff behind the bar to pour some fine cocktails and spirits for the guests.

Wondrich made four different punches during the seminar, all recipes from his book, Punch. They ranged from the Garrick Club, a gin and lemon-based drink to the Los Alton Milk Punch, a tequila-infused milk punch or milk-washed tequila punch, depending on how you look at it.

Drinks were plentyful and the room was packed with some of Denver's best and brightest folks behind the bar from Ken Kodys to Kyle West and from Allie Geppert to Patrick Williams. Playfully, Anika Zappe commented on social media: "If a bomb dropped on this place right now Denver would be one thirsty town."

Sean Kenyon was happy that all the Wondrich books that Williams & Graham had in stock sold out. 33 books that was.

Allie Geppert is on the wagon, (yes, at a cocktail event at Wlliams & Graham). The Star Bar bartender asked Wondrich to make her a mocktail and drank the pretty pink virgin concoction dotted with fresh mint at the bar, alongside the rest of the buzzed crowd.

Johnny Ballen of the Squeaky Bean sat almost too quietly in a corner and watched attentively as Wondrich lectured and mixed up the punches. Turns out Ballen was suffering a bit (or a lot) from the night before which he spent drinking with Wondrich in Boulder.

Rob Masters of Spring 44 was enjoying a selection of food at the bar and did not hesitate to share with your Eater editor, a total stranger to him at the time. That is the spirit!

Ryan Conklin of Euclid Hall chatted up about his place of employment being a great stumble-into spot for New Year's party people and revealed his un-official get-rich business: the invention of the hoe-bag, a small overnight that can fit all your needs and cut-down on the walk-of-shame potential.

Alexandra Parksof Oak at Fourteenth took copious notes during the lecture and later talked about something completely different: her spectacular and complicated scarf, one that her mother made and entered into the knitting olympics. Yes, apparently knitting olympics exist.

Rhonda Follrath of Boca Loca Cachaca was among the few that tried to express the repeal day feelings through her outfit. The only question Rhonda had was: why weren't more people dressed up.

Leah Hutchinson of the American Distilling Institute shared some life wisdom with the ladies, sharing that whatever mother nature gives you, father time takes away.