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Tyler Wiard Eliminated From Top Chef, But Could Return

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Denver's chef Tyler Wiard of Elway's has put viewers through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster since last night's Top Chef Seattle episode. During the show, Tyler Wiard was unsuccessfully paired with C.J. Jacobsen. The elimination challenge had the chefs create a dish that would highlight an assigned artisan ingredient from Pike's Place Market. The ingredient assigned to Wiard and Jacobsen: spicy dill pickles. On Jacobsen's suggestion, they made a pork burger - on a crumpet- fried dill pickles on top. It flopped. Fast forward: pack your knives chef Wiard.

This is where the emotional roller-coaster begins. Last Chance Kitchen, a challenge that debuted in Top Chef season 9, allows eliminated contestants to compete head-to-head in a series of webisodes, with the winner eventually returning to the main competition. Wiard competed - again- teamed up with Jacobsen, against the reigning champion of Last Chance Kitchen, Kuniko in a dessert-making challenge. With a hay ice-cream with cherry fritter, complemented by cherries and arugula, the Wiard-Jacobsen duo won. Wiard's reaction: "I am happy as a motherfucking clam." Fingers crossed for Wiard to return on to the main competition.

The other Colorado chef still vying for the Top Chef title, Eliza Gavin, made it safely to the next episode after being paired up with Josie and highlighting cardamom bitters, their assigned artisan ingredient in a curry cardamom broth with Manila clams and seared white king salmon.

Watch the Last Change Kitchen challenge here:

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