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Stout Month at Mountain Sun; Odell's Footprint Beer

Odell Brewery
Odell Brewery
Photo: BordoBello

BEER WIRE— Ah yes, it's Stout Month. This means stout drinking is in order. Head over to Vine Street Pub, Southern Sun Pub or Mountain Sun Pub throughout the month of February to sample their impressive selection. Each pub will move through 55 different stouts and 23 of them are all Mountain Sun originals. [DOTW]

DENVER— Since Colorado has approximately 100 wineries, it makes sense to promote the growing industry with a conference. DrinkLocalWine will take place on April 28th at the Metropolitan State College of Denver where Colorado wineries will hosts seminars and tastings. The conference will also host wine presentations lead by experts from around the country. [DrinkLocalWine]

BOULDER— Odell Brewing Co. will release Footprint RegionAle on Feb. 11th, which is a new "distribution footprint" beer composed of 10 ingredients, all of them from a state where the brewery distributes. You'll taste notes of hops and barley from Colorado and Idaho, wheat from Kansas and Wyoming, Arizona prickly pear, Minnesota wild rice, Nebraska corn, New Mexico green chilies, South Dakota honey and oak barrels from Missouri. [Beer Advocate]