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A Look Inside Polished Tavern, A Vodka Temple

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Polished Tavern [Photos: Adam Larkey]

Do these pictures make you want to take shots of vodka? Maybe not... It's not like you can really see how much vodka Polished Tavern actually has, but owner Cezary Grosfeld isn't half-assing his selection. Polished Tavern is home to 25 infused vodkas (mango, banana, horseradish, jalapeño, etc.) a variety of Polish labels and all the typical top-shelf suspects. He's also installed three nine-foot ice bars to make sure drinks stay at an optimal chill. No matter how much vodka you down, there's a full menu to keep your sobriety in check. While opening chef Marek Peczkowski is no longer with the restaurant, Grosfeld said he's been keeping the menu fresh on his own. Grosfeld also owns White Eagle Foods in Arvada, where he gained a reputation for his pierogie-making skills before opening Polished Tavern this past December. The Polished Tavern menu features a selection of Grosfeld's pierogies and an eclectic mix of European dishes.

Deal Feed: If you're a lady, every Wednesday you can drink all the infused vodka shots your body can handle from 6 to 10 PM for free. That's a whole lot of time to do a whole lot of damage.

Polished Tavern

1512 Larimer St., Denver, CO