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Sabi Sushi Disappears; New Belgium Fans Spend $260/Yr

Pete's Café & Steak House
Pete's Café & Steak House

COLFAX— You're starving, you don't want to drop too much dough and you're on Colfax. You have lots of choices and some of them are more hole-in-the-wall and sketchy than others. A.V. Club's Kathleen St. John offers up some search advice, recommending Pete's Café & Steak House for a good o'l green chili smothered burrito.

FEDERAL BLVD— New Saigon has a new neighbor: New Saigon Bakery & Deli. Westword Cafe Society editor Lori Midson writes that you'll find more than Vietnamese pastries from chef Thoa Nguyen — jerkies, bulk snacks, teas, spring rolls and sticky rice. [Westword]

DOWNTOWN— Sabi Sushi ("the restaurant without a restaurant") has closed. Westword's Laura Shunk confirms that the phone line has been cut, the website is gone and the three owners have left Denver. [Westword]

BOULDER— Apparently each New Belgium Facebook fan spends $260 annually on the company, and with 200,000 + Facebook fans, that's a pretty good return. Ad Age breaks down the math.

LONGMONT— Oskar Blues Brewery isn't interested in relocating to the empty Butterball plant afterall. Owner Dale Katechis tells the Daily Camera that though the plant has some useful brewing equipment, the five-floor layout just doesn't fly. [Daily Camera]