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Coffee Beer Fest; Whole Foods Coming to Frisco

Denver Beer Co.
Denver Beer Co.
Photo: Adam Larkey

PLATTE ST.Denver Off The Wagon blogger Chris Bruns promotes Denver Beer Co.'s latest tasting in a way that can't be phrased any better: "Personally, I like my coffee how I like my women: loaded with beer. Apparently, Denver Beer Co. feels the same way." The Coffee Beer Fest will be held this Saturday. [DOTW]

PARKER—There are some suburban gems out there and 5280 writes that one of them is the Dancing Noodle at 10841 S. Crossroads Dr. The curries, noodles, dumplings, and soups at the family-owned restaurant are not to be missed. [5280]

FRISCO— Whole Foods will be making its way into smaller communities like Frisco within the next year. The Wall Street Journal reports that the organic powerhouse is trying to eliminate its reputation as "Whole Paycheck" and plans to open 24-27 new stores within the year. [WSJ]