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The Early Word: Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar

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Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar
Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar
Photo: Adam Larkey

Ingite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar, the new addition to Concept Restaurants (Rialto Cafe, Table Mountain Grill & Cantina, Via Baci, Woody's Wood-Fire Tavern), has been plugging away since it opened its doors at the end of 2011. Situated in Denver's evolving Ballpark neighborhood and right across the street from Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza, Ignite! definitely picked a spot with some visibility. But people seemed to wonder — would another pizza joint hold its own on Larimer? Here now, the early word from Denver diners.

The Okay News: A disappointed, yet hopeful Yelper: I think Ignite needs to reevaluate their menu and pare it down; put a bit more focus into the food. I definitely plan to come back this summer and check them out for rooftop happy hour, hopefully by then they'll be a bit more focused. [Yelp]

The Good News: A hesitant Yelper found the dining experience a pleasant surprise" I was apprehensive after reading the mixed reviews, but I must say, I really enjoyed the food at Ignite. We arrived for an early dinner, and the place was near empty (it was almost full by the time we were done). We had no issues with the hostess seating us without a reservation, as others have had. [Yelp]

The Great News: An optimistic Urbanspoon user enjoyed the menu: Catered for different appetites and for my prego friend who couldn't drink she still got an amazing virgin concoction. While this place is not located in the best neighborhood, they are working on it. It has a very warm friendly feeling, and every staff member we came in contact with was nice and welcoming. I would recommend this place to anyone, for any occasion. Once the weather clears and the rooftop bar opens this place will be packed for happy hour and summer nights. [Urbanspoon]

The Not So Good News: An Urbanspoon user: All I need to say is that 3 of us went here for pizza and beer and the bill was $90.00. The menu is pretentious and way too gourmand for what they are trying to pull off. I dont need to know the name of the farm where the pork came from, or the specific name of the tomatoes you are smashing on the pizza (in place of just using pizza sauce). The neighborhood is edgy and blue collar, and the foodie vibe does not work with a menu of pizza, pot pies and bacon appetizers. [Urbanspoon]

The Pretty Bad News: A Yelper calls Ignite! "soulless," despite perfectly cooked food: It feels like someone saw an opportunity in an up and coming neighborhood (less pawn shops, more good food) and just assumed it would succeed, instead of actually pouring their heart into it. It isn't trying to do anything new, nor is it doing anything very well...The place felt a little soulless to me. Maybe it was a Sunday morning hangover for the staff, but no one greeted us and our bartender, although personable and informative, was spacey. [Yelp]

The Really Bad News: A not so happy Yelper after eating a chicken dish: I spent the following day throwing up because of salmonella poisoning. I guess I should thank Ignite, since I'm reaching my New Year's resolution of losing weight. Instead, I think I'll file a formal complaint with the City of Denver. [Yelp]

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Ignite! Bar And Grill

2124 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205 303 296 2600

Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar

2124 Larimer St. Denver, CO. 80205