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Hops & Pie Expansion; E. Coli Traced to Jimmy John's

TENNYSON— Hops & Pie is ready to reveal its expansion this weekend and there will most certainly be a lot of beer involved. The pizza and beer destination will feature 12 Dog Fish Head beers starting on Saturday. [Eaterwire]

38TH AVE— Westword reports that the Stringray is now Coop de Ville at the Stingray . The name change comes with a revamped menu that features Rocky Mountain Colorado Cola Chicken, which is a family-friendly alternative to beer-can chicken.

CHAIN WIRE— It might be wise to avoid sandwiches with sprouts from Jimmy John's. The Washington Post reports that 12 cases of E. coli have been traced to sprouts on Jimmy John's sandwiches. The cases were reported in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Wisconsin.

FOOD TV WIRE— Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern chatted with 9 News about his show Bizarre Foods America. Zimmern on coming to Denver: "I'm dying to come to Denver, and there's only so many places to go in one season. I think we'll be making this show for many years to come and we're going to get to the great state of Colorado very soon."