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Denver's Culinary Scene Gets Some San Fran Love

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Green Russell
Green Russell
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It looks like Denver's culinary scene is cool enough to get some props from super foodie city San Francisco. After a meal at Fruition and drinks at Green Russell and Williams & Graham, Michael Bauer of Inside Scoop SF says Denver is a city to watch, even if we're not in the "in crowd" just yet.

"Some would argue that Denver isn’t a progressive food town, and many people wouldn’t disagree, especially those of us who live in the Bay Area. A decade or so ago they probably would have been right... Now, beer, farm-to-table and all those buzzwords we claim as our own in Northern California have become bywords here and around the country. I also don’t mean to imply that the scene is as mature or sophisticated as you’ll find here; it’s still a young culture, so even the best chefs may put a few too many ingredients in a dish. But, it’s come a long way and continues to grow. And with someone one in the governor’s seat who is considered a visionary in the food world, it’s going to be an interesting city — and state — to watch."

It's like we're getting attention from all the popular kids in school! Let's hope they keep liking us.

· Denver: On The Cusp of a Culinary Revolution [Inside Scoop SF]

Green Russell

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