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A Look Inside The New Park Burger Extension

Park Burger [Photos: Adam Larkey]

When Jean-Philippe Failyau opened the original Park Burger in Platt Park back in 2009 it quickly became a burger destination. Denver burger lovers fell hard for the place and it was only a matter of time before the burger joint opened sister restaurants Uptown and in the Highlands. But even with multiple Park Burger locations, the O.G. Park Burger needed more room to accommodate the crowds. To give Denver more Park Burger, Failyau has added a dining room and an extra bar, doubling the restaurant's space. Check out Eater's photos of the finished extension and make sure to ask about new menu offerings on your next visit.

Park Burger [Wash Park]

1890 S Pearl, Denver, CO 80210 720 242 9951

Park Burger

1890 South Pearl Street Denver, CO 80210