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Nat'l Marg Day; Denver's 'Steak and Pototoes' Reputation

MARGARITA WIRE— It's National Margarita Day, so naturally this means it's perfectly appropriate to get a little saucy. El Diablo is serving up some premium margs on special, so drink up. [Eaterwire]

DENVER— Bravo's Top Chef casting call today at Linger attracted chefs from near and far. The Denver Post reports that the show's senior casting producer was looking for a couple local chefs since Denver is "growing out of its steak and potatoes reputation." [DP]

BOULDER— It sounds like the Boulder Applebee's isn't planning on making room for the new Trader Joe's anytime soon. According to the Daily Camera, Applebee's plans on keeping its location through the end of the year. But despite what Applebee's seems to think, the Twenty Ninth Street's property manager says Trader Joe's construction will start in fall 2012. [DC]

GREELEY— Firefighters were called to Sushi One early this morning when the restaurant caught on fire. The fire started in trash can and caused an estimated $250,000 in damages. [CBS 4]

El Diablo [Photo: Sarah Haughey/Examiner]


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