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Eater First Look: Colt & Gray's Expansion

Colt & Gray [Photos: Adam Larkey]

Nelson Perkins, chef and owner of Colt & Gray, is planning big things for his restaurant. Within the next five months, Colt & Gray's neighboring building will morph into an extended dining room, a private dining space, a speakeasy cocktail parlor and a charcuterie production center. The ground floor expansion will allow Perkins to knock down the wall that divides that two spaces and create a more visible entrance as well.

On the side of the exspansion will be an entrance to St. Ellie, an underground speakeasy-style cocktail parlor. Colt & Gray bar manager Kevin Burke will develop and execute the beverage program at St. Ellie, a place that Perkins envisions as a comfortable approach to speakeasy culture. The Colt & Gray basement will also house Viande Colorado Charcuterie, a kitchen that will (pending USDA approval) allow Perkins to increase his cured meat production and sell to other restaurants. We'll be following developments, but in the meantime, here's a first look at the space.

Colt & Gray

1553 Platte St., Denver, CO