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Denver's Pawngo Gets Smacked With a Violation

The Boston Globe reports that Pawngo, an online pawn shop based in Denver, has been smacked with a violation for commercial dumping after gracing Boston's Copley Square with a massive pile of Butterfingers and a sign that read, “Thank You Wes Welker.” The stunt in form of candygram was meant to be a commentary on the Patriots' Super Bowl loss. Pawngo CEO Todd Hills issued this statement to The Boston Globe:

“Following the Super Bowl, we at Pawngo thought Boston fans deserved a little something in return for their heartbreaking loss in the form of a great candy! Sometimes there is a light side to sports and we thought Boston fans might at least get a laugh out of it. We have the utmost respect for Wes Welker and the Patriots team.”

Maybe it was insensitive, but hell, it sure was clever. Butterfinger dumpings are probably a little cheaper than traditional advertising.

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[Photo: BostInno]