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OneRepublic Singer Pushes For Denver Franchise

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Justin Timberlake might have parted ways with Southern Hospitality, a barbeque restaurant he co-created in New York City, but another pretty-boy-pop-star has stepped up to the plate — OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, and he wants to bring a little Southern Hospitality to Denver. The Denver Business Journal reports that the Colorado Springs singer, who co-owns Southern Hospitality in Hell's Kitchen, will present the restaurant concept at a conference later this month. Tedder said he would like to bring the restaurant closer to home, because "it is hands-down the best place to just 'hang' and the food is insanely good. The vibe and style of these places makes them feel like they've been there for 100 years."

· Denver Eyed for Restaurant Franchise [DBJ]

Southern Hospitality

1433 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202 303 298 5398 Visit Website

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