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Gene Simmons, Rock & Brews and a Denver Location?

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So rock 'n rocker Gene Simmons (you know, that guy from KISS) is now on board with Rock & Brews, a California-based restaurant that "serves rock musicians’ favorite foods and highlights an ever-changing, award-winning craft beer selection." Simmons and Dave Furano (a concert promoter) are part of a relaunch effort for the Rock & Brews concept, which was founded by LA restaurateur Michael Zislis. Before you get too excited about that, here's the reason we care — Denver is on the short list for Rock & Brews expansion possibilities. It's so fitting right? Afterall, we all crave a place that serves “Opening Acts” appetizers, “VIP” salads, hand-crafted burgers, “Headliner” sandwiches, “Front Row” pizzas and “Encores” desserts. It'll be like experiencing a concert in gimmicky restaurant form. Yay?

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[Pictured: Dave Furano, Gene Simmons and Michael Zislis]