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A Look Inside Red Star Deli and Studio F, Now Open

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Red Star Deli [Photos: Adam Larkey]

Though chef James Mazzio has cooked his fair share of fine food, deep down, Mazzio says he's a sandwich guy. Between growing up in Philadelphia and his world travels, his weakness for truly decadent sandwiches runs deep. When the opportunity to take over Mise En Place cooking school came around last month, Mazzio envisioned turning the large space into a venue where he could make some serious sandwiches while hosting pop-up dinners and cooking classes. Red Star Deli opened yesterday and Mazzio's take on classics like meatball hoagies, tuna grinders, muffulettas, parmas and clubs already have folks lining up. The room attached to Red Star Deli is called Studio F, a space for lounging and private culinary events.

Mazzio says that chef Daniel Asher from Root Down and Linger will lead raw cooking classes in April, Ian Kleinman from The Inventing Room will host a series of classes in May and Jenna Johansen from Dish in Edwards will host several pop-up dinners in May. Stay tuned for further developments, and in the meantime, enjoy some photos of Mazzio's new culinary digs.

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Red Star Deli

1801 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO