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A Lifetime Supply of Beer; Caldonia's BBQ Now Closed

Root Down Kitchen
Root Down Kitchen
Photo: Adam Larkey

BEER WIRE— Think you have what it takes to be Wynkoop's next Beerdrinker of The Year? 5280 offers seven tips to earn the title and a lifetime supply of beer. [5280]

LOHI— Mike Henderson, Root Down and Linger bar manger, took second place in the Las Vegas Shake it Up competition this afternoon. Henderson is now $6,000 richer. [Twitter]

SUNNY SIDE— If you enjoy sustainable wine, the wine jug program from Bonacquisti Wine Co. (4640 Pecos St.) is right up your alley. Buy a liter jug for $20 and refill it for $12.99. [EDD]

AURORA— After 34 years, Caldonia's BBQ (2252 S. Parker Rd.) has closed its doors. The restaurant website thanks its customers: "For our die hard loyal customers, thank you for everything, you are all truly amazing. we hope you visit us at our sister restaurants in the near future." Sister restaurants include Gov'r Park and Marlowe's. [Westword]


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Root Down

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