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2914 Coffee Opening; Anti-Douche St. Patty's Guide

JEFFERSON PARK— 2914 Coffee (2914 W. 25th Ave) will open its doors tomorrow. If you're dying to see some latte art, Thrillist Denver made a little barista video. Tips: Check out the owners graffiti-influenced art and sip on a Akumel (Ghiradelli chocolate, cayenne pepper, steamed milk). [Thrillist Den]

ST. PATRICK'S DAY WIRE— Here's "A Guide for Having Fun on St. Patrick's Day (Without Being a Douche)" from Denver Off The Wagon. And here's some advice we here at Eater second: "Do remember, drinking holidays are marathons, not sprints." [DOTW]

SXSW WIRE— It's day two at SXSW for Denver Post entertainment editor and music critic Ricardo Baca, and he's not disappointed with his choice of grub. "It sounds silly, but Best Wurst is really one of my favorite things about Austin and SXSW. Yep, a fancy hot dog. And I wouldn’t have it any other way." [CT]

2914 Coffee [Photo: Thrillist Denver]