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Jeremy Kittelson Out, Gabe Balenzuela In

Photo: Adam Larkey

News broke earlier today that Ambria exec chef Jeremy Kittelson got the axe, right in the middle of Denver restaurant half month. It seemed like a bold move, but according to a statement issued this evening by Ambria spokesman Jim Guttau, the change was a long time coming. From the statement:

"Things hadn’t been working with Executive Chef Jeremy Kittelson for quite some time, and the co-owners and management attempted to work things out. When the issues kept on resurrecting, the ownership did talk to Kittelson three weeks ago and mentioned that they were looking for a new chef, and Jeremy did agree that the relationship was not a good one."

Ambria has hired Gabe Balenzuela, former sous chef at Oceanaire, to take Kittelson's place. John Wilson, former sous chef at OTOTO, has been hired to fill the sous chef position. Guttau says that Balenzuela started cooking in the Ambria kitchen last night, ready to tackle restaurant week .

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