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Another Oskar Blues Restaurant; The 'Edible' Exibit

Oskar Blues Brewery
Oskar Blues Brewery
Photo: Flickr/Eva Rees

LONGMONT— Oh hey, here's some good news for Oskar Blues Brewery fans — there's another Oskar Blues restaurant in the works. Founder Dale Katechis wants to open a concept similar to Home Made Liquids & Solids , and he's eyeing real estate in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and Longmont. [Times Call]

CHERRY CREEK— Sounds like MiniBar isn't coming back. It looked like the place was getting an update, but it's in fact closed. [Westword]

BOULDER— Curious about the Edible? exhibit by Viviane Le Courtois at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art? Boulder Locavore has the scoop. Her favorite part? "Hands down the bright pink Peeps marshmallow rabbits, smashed blue M & M's in a pill bottle forming what looks like lapis lazuli and I also loved the 1960's trolls dolls upside down with orange hair suspended as if in formaldehyde." [BL]