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Bye-Bye Luciano's; A Bike Thief's 'Drunk' Note

BROADWAY— Today we bid farewell to Luciano's Pizza and Wings. Westword reports that due to unpaid taxes, the restaurant is closed. [Westword]

LODO— In honor of World Water Day this Wednesday, Denver-based Water For People and Freshcraft have have teamed up to raise awareness about water conservation with the "All Hopped Up for Water" campaign. As part of he initiative, Freshcraft is hosting a a four course beer dinner with cuisine from Kenya, Honduras, Peru and India. [5280]

ASPEN— We hear about bicycle thieves all the time, but thieves who return stolen bikes with apology notes? Not so much. Apparently a drunk Aspen bicycle thief was kind enough to do so. The note read: “Sorry. I stole this bike. I rode it home. Please give it back — Drunk.” [Aspen Times]

Luciano's [Photo: Hunch]


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