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Salumeria Cinque Soldi, Now Open on S. Pearl

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Salumeria Cinque Soldi, an East Coast-style deli located at 1284 S. Pearl, is officially open as of today. Gennaro DeSantis, who's also a co-owner of Denver's artisan salumi shop Il Mondo Vecchio, opened Salumeria Cinque Soldi with his family as way to have an exclusive retail storefront for Il Mondo Vecchio products, and to show Denver what an East Coast deli is all about.

Mark DeNittis, who co-owns Il Mondo Vecchio with DeSantis, has also been heavily involved in launching Cinque Soldi Salumeria. We recently asked DeNittis about the salumeria and inquired about the name change.

Westword reported back in November that the deli was going to be called Il Mondo Vecchio Mercato-Salumeria. DeNittis told Eater that business plans changed in recent weeks. "We decided that rather than put our brand on a brick and mortar right now, we'd like to focus on the food manufacturing. I want to grow Il Mondo Vecchio Salumi into a second division of Il Mondo Vecchio Artisan Foods. That's the next growth branch for us, rather than a store front. " DeNittis says all retail operations at Il Mondo Vecchio will now take place at Cinque Soldi Salumeria, as well as the "loading dock" meat sales on Fridays and Saturdays.

· Mark DeNittis Will Open ll Mondo Vecchio Mercato-Salumeria [Westword]

Il Mondo Vecchio

1174 South Cherokee Street, Denver, CO 80223

Salumeria Cinque Soldi

1284 S. Pearl Street Denver, CO.