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Denver Restaurants Were Fined $731,900 In 2011

The Denver Post reported yesterday that some local restaurateurs aren't too happy with the Denver Department of Environmental Health, and considering half of all Denver restaurants were apparently issued fines in 2011, you could say the city is making some money. Since the department no longer posts critical violations for restaurant guests to see (as of two years ago), fines have spiked, and restaurateurs say they've hit extreme levels. According to today's report in Food Safety News, "last year Denver restaurants in 8,090 inspections paid fines totaling $731,900. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 -- all before the new schedule -- fine revenues, respectively, were $122,335, $157,670 and $118,995." So, yea, it appears there's a little bit of a difference — a difference that will be discussed during this morning's town hall style meeting at the Colorado Restaurant Association.

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