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Maria Empanada, a Piece of Argentina in CO

Westword critic Laura Shunk doesn't have anything negative say in this week's review, thanks to perfect empanadas. "My obsession with this dish is so strong that it can be hard to explain to people who haven't had the privilege of tasting the real thing... Thankfully, I no longer have to try to explain what makes empanadas so worthy of my undying affection. All I have to do is point doubters to Maria Empanada." The small empanada shop at Sheridan and Mississippi doesn't have a bad empanada. So should you go? That's a hell yes. [Westword]

In blog review news, Pink*Denver writes that Jelly in Cap Hill is definitely deserving of all the hype. You may have to wake up super early or wait a good hour for a table during brunch, but your belly won't complain afterwards. "It's pretty much a double whammy to get really good food and really good service. The prices are pretty good and reflect the food perfectly... I got into the car with strawberry jelly all over my face." [Pink*Denver]

Maria Empanada [Photo: Denver on a Spit]

Jelly U

1700 East Evans Avenue, Denver, Co 80210 720-596-4108