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Two Stars Awarded to Roam, Post Meltdown

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Coincidentally, today's favorable Denver Post review is about Roam, a restaurant that closed yesterday afternoon after owner Daniel Kuhlman had a total meltdown. Kuhlman went ape on chef Tony Clement and front of the house manager Mandi Clement, locking them out of the restaurant and having them escorted off of the property. But apparently Kuhlman was just warming up. Westword's Lori Midson, who was apparently a victim as well, documented the scene:

"They gathered in front of Roam, I took a photograph and, suddenly, Kuhlman flung open the front door, started shoving people out of the way, including me, and then attempted to grab my camera, nearly knocking me to the pavement in the process. After he and Tony exchanged words (and Daniel wagged his finger in Tony's face), Tony called the police."

The Clements signed on to help Kuhlman open Roam back in December, a replacement for Wild Catch — a sustainable seafood restaurant that shuttered when chef Justin Brunson and crew walked out after financial matters went awry. In today's Denver Post review, William Porter awards Roam with two stars, complimenting the food and concluding that the Clements are (were) on to something special. "Here's hoping Roam stays put," Porter wrote.

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Roam [Photo: Adam Larkey]


1033 E 17th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80218


1033 E. 17th Ave. Denver, CO.