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'32 Bandit' Arrested; Gumbo's Reopening in Roam Space

Biker Jim's
Biker Jim's
Photo: Adam Larkey

'32 BANDIT' WIRE— The man suspected of robbing 24 businesses, including local fast food establishments, was arrested in Southern California last night. [7 News]

BALLPARK— Biker Jim's is celebrating one of year of business at the 2148 Larimer St. brick and mortar location. “We got kegs from Great Divide, and we’ll be giving away beer with the right password. Like maybe, `I like beer with my wieners.’ But `Gimme a free beer’ probably works." Jim tells Colorado Table that he'll also roll out nitrogen cocktails and desserts for the celebration. Fancy that. [CT]

LODO— India House has shuttered and Hapa Sushi will take its place at 1514 Blake Street. Hapa Sushi will likely open in August. [Westword]

UPTOWN— After a big blow-out at Roam earlier this week, owner Daniel Kuhlman has sold the building to Gary Hvizda, an owner of the original Gumbo's downtown. Hvizda tells Westword that he'll reopen Gumbo's by mid-April. Kuhlman is out of the picture. [Wesword]

LOUISVILLE— If you're on the hunt of good BBQ, 5280 writes that Lulu's knows what's up. "In short, this is barbecue at its finest." [5280]

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs

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