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Craft Beer Infographic; Campari Cocktail Competition

Green Russell
Green Russell
Photo: EatDenver

CRAFT BEER WIRE— Numbers talk, and the numbers released today by the Brewers Association say one undeniable thing: craft beer is bigger than ever. BA director Paul Gatza is even more optimistic about the year ahead: “In February 2012, we already topped 2,000 operating breweries—a truly remarkable milestone. We look forward to even more success and the continued expansion of the craft beer market." [BA via BP]

BOOZE NEWS— Check out Big Red F'n Tequila, one of the latest investments over at Big Red F Restaurant Group. [Westword]

LARIMER SQUARE— Twelve of the city's top bartenders will compete in tonight's regional Campari United States Bartenders' Guild competition. It's all going down at 6 PM at Green Russell. The winner will walk away with some cash and a trip to NYC for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in May. [COBG]

LODO— While chef Christopher Cina has been busy making his mark at Ghost Plate & Tap, he's making some time for his blog too. "I decided to take a small sabbatical while trying to get my arms around my new position which has grown exponentially in the last couple of months, that’s a good thing." [CC]

Green Russell

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