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Checking In at ACE, Eatery and Ping Pong United

Construction is underway at ACE, the Asian eatery/ping pong hall concept from the Steuben's Food Service and Vesta Dipping Grill team. We asked what might end up against the wall in this photo, and the crew is pretty tight-lipped about it. They're still finalizing their build-out plans, and honestly, they want to kill us with suspense. We do know we can expect some dope grub from Steuben's and ACE exec chef Brandon Biederman, who recently told EatDrinkDenver a little bit about the concept.

"With ACE, we're kind of doing things backwards — we got a place before we even had a concept. So at times our plans have been cloudy. But it’s moving along—[bar manager] Randy Layman’s playing around with some really cool juices for Asian-inspired cocktails, and Matt [Selby] and I are messing around with a lot more seafood than we serve at Steuben’s—a lot more fresh food and not a lot of fried comfort food."

Considering the design elements at Steuben's and Vesta, there won't be any disappointment where decor is concerned either. They've enlisted Xan Creative, a design firm responsible for the looks at Vesta, Snooze, Marco's Coal Fired Pizzeria, D Bar, El Camino and Great Divide Brewing Company. Needless to say, we're entitled to some high expectations.

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ACE [Photo: Facebook]


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