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Bistro One Will Become 3 Monkeys Cantina

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News broke last week that Bistro One was closing its doors and possibly reopening as another venue, and today Westword reports that it will reopen as 3 Monkeys Cantina. Owner Alex Waters says he'll flip the American bistro into a Mexican restaurant. "There are plenty of American and New American restaurants in this neighborhood, but there's an absence of Mexican restaurants, and people like drinking margaritas and eating tacos on the patio." Waters told Westword that 3 Monkeys Cantina is a reference to his three children and the three wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). Bistro One was supposedly closing this past weekend, but Waters says the doors will now close this Thursday. Look for a 3 Monkeys Cantina opening within the next three weeks.

· Bistro One Will Reopen as 3 Monkeys Cantina [Westword]

Bistro One/Three Monkeys Cantina

1294 S. Broadway, Denver, CO