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Nightclub May Face Settlement For Discrimination Case

Here's a lesson for all the folks working the doors at nightclubs — don't discriminate based on race. It's common sense, right? Chlóe, a Denver nightclub owned by Francois Safieddine, likely faces a settlement for some discrimination matters that came to surface last summer when Kandi Brown (who's black) and her friends were rejected from entering the club while others (who were white) were granted entrance. Yesterday, Safieddine issued The Denver Post a letter regarding the case, and according to him, the club's dress code is the real "crux of the problem." According to the case, however, Brown and her friends were appropriately dressed.

The Statement:

I am disappointed with the decision issued by the Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD). I stand by my statements referenced in the decision, as well as statements provided by employees and some of our patrons of color, also referenced in the decision, that Lotus Concepts does not discriminate based on race or color.

It was clearly noted in the decision that I emphasized patrons of all races and colors are welcome; and that a number of patrons and employees also confirmed that we have a diverse clientele and many employees of color working at the club.

We do have a dress code that limits access, and that seems to be the crux of the problem. The CCRD found that we didn't enforce the dress code consistently. I am planning to meet with my staff to review our policies and the dress code, and emphasize that we don't tolerate discrimination based on race or color. I and my staff will be redoubling our efforts to be sure we are enforcing our policies consistently, while still providing an upscale and hip image for our nightclub venue.

I invite and encourage people to come check out Chloe for themselves, and I think they will find that we are an upscale club with a diverse clientele and that we don't discriminate based on race or color.


Francois Safieddine

· Claims of Racial Discrimination at Chlóe Warrant Settlement [DP]

Chlóe; [Photo: Lotus Concepts]


1445 Market Street Denver, CO