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LA'AU'S Late-Night Fight; Burrito Giant: Good Weirdness

Photo: LA'AU'S Taco Shop

DENVER— The "cottage foods" proposal, a bill that would allow home cooks to sell commercial goods, has passed in the Colorado House. The bill now moves on Gov. John Hickenlooper's desk. [DP]

WHEAT RIDGE— Burrito Giant is a place that Kathleen St. John of The A.V. Club says we really ought to discover. It's a place you can stuff your face and look at some neat art. Sounds nice, no? As for how healthy it is, "Who cares? Caloric intake is a ridiculous concern at Burrito Giant. Let the warmth and the weirdness envelop you—this is the burrito joint you’ve always wanted." [A.V. Club]

BOULDER— Attempting to give University Hill some more late-night options, LA'AU'S Taco Shop continues to face opposition. Who doesn't want tacos and beer till 2:30 a.m.? Neighbors and a nearby sorority. Figures. [Daily Camera]

LOVELAND— On the hunt for some local Loveland brew? Check out Grimm Brothers Brewhouse, profiled today by Colorado Table.