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Colorado Bikers Face Restaurant Discrimination

A restaurant's dress code can certainly dictate dining plans, and while you might not give a damn what you look like, some restaurants do. A bill before the House claims that some hotels, restaurants and stores in Colorado refuse service to biker dudes. Ray Hoskinson, a member of the Veterans of Vietnam America Motorcycle Club Denver chapter, told CBS Denver that he's refused service because of the jacket he wears. The story states that proposal "would add 'unconventional attire' to the state law that bars discrimination in public accommodations." While some politicians are in support, republican rep. Jim Kerr thinks the bill is a load of bull. “That’s the goofiest bill I ever heard of in my life. If I have a business or something and I don’t think it’s appropriate to have guys in leather jackets or something, now I have to serve them? I don’t think so.”

· Biker Discrimination Bill Faces Long Odds [CBS 4]

DESC [Photo: SRC]