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Lon Symensma Wire

lonlonsit.jpgChoLon chef and partner Lon Symensma is all kinds of popular this week. Not only is he up for Food & Wine's People's Best New Chef Southwest, but he's also cooking at the James Bread House next Monday. EatDrinkDenver dishes his game plan: "I’m just doing really simple presentations; every dish has five components or less. Luckily I have a lot of contacts in New York, so I’m having my friends buy me all of these cool ingredients, and I’m prepping the dessert at Le Bernardin; my friend’s the pastry chef there, so I’m going to have a four-star pastry chef helping me execute it. And we’ll do a lot of partying there too. I’m bringing some of my best guys, so things are gonna get funky." [EDD]


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