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You Can Now Hit The Town In a Cougar Town Car

Perhaps you've grown tired of the typical town car. Maybe you just wish your driver would show a little more skin, or that a mature woman would show you around town. Whatever has driven you to seek a transportation alternative, Patti Sommer — the cougar with a town car — is at your service. Thrillist Denver writes that the burlesque performer-turned-chauffeur "will pick you and three of your most adventurous friends up in her Lincoln (actual license plate: "COUGRR1") dressed all sexy, then administer lady-killing advice while carting you to boozy stops around desperate housewife-heavy Cherry Creek." Oh yea, there's a Cherry Creek cougar safari mapped out too.

· Thrillist Cougar Safari [Thrillist Denver]

Patti Sommer [Photo: Cougar Limo Service]