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Men Who Dined Out With Corpse Get Sentence

The two men who drove a friend's corpse around Denver for a Weekend at Bernies-style night on the town will spend two years on probation. The night went down last August when they found their friend in an unresponsive state after an overdose. Rather than take their friend to the hospital, they also took his ATM card and decided to drink on his tab, followed by a trip to Viva Burrito. When they realized their friend was actually dead, they returned the body home and continued their funded bender at Shotgun Willie's strip club. "It appears, at best, bizarre. It appears, at worst, deranged," a Denver District Court Judge said during yesterday's ruling. "For someone who knew the victim, it appears horrifying." Needless to say, the men will also attend some substance-abuse counseling during probation.

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[Photo: Weekend at Bernie's]