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Colt & Gray Expansion; Bistrol Brewing, CO Exclusive

Photo: Adam Larkey

EVENT WIRE—Mizuna is teaming up with master sommelier Brett Zimmerman for a Burgundy wine dinner on April 25th. Seating is limited. Call Mizuna to make reservations. [Eaterwire]

PLATTE ST.— Nelson Perkins, chef/owner of Colt & Grey, tells Westword that his restaurant expansion has been delayed until the end of summer. When the expansion is complete, Colt & Gray will have a larger dining room, a charcuterie facility and another kitchen. The basement will also feature St. Ellie, a cocktail destination headed by bar manager Kevin Burke. [Westword]

BOULDER— Bristol Brewing may be expanding, but the brewery hopes to exclusively cater to Colorado. The brewery says its top concern is quality control: "Once a pallet of beer leaves our hands, we really have no way of knowing how it’s being treated or stored, whether it’s out of date, whether it is being rotated, etc." [Beer Pulse]