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Den Corner Group Made $2 Mill on Restaurant Swap

More details about the Izakaya Den/Pearl Street Grill swap have come to surface. News of the pearl street shuffle hit at the top of 2012, but until recently, transaction details were kept private. An even barter seemed fishy, especially considering the sheer size of Izakaya Den compared to Pearl Street Grill. Apparently, Den Corner Group, which owns and operates Izakaya Den, made $2 million on the deal. Lee Driscoll of BW Holdings (Wynkoop/Breckenridge) tells Westword that once Izakaya Den moves into the old Pearl Street Grill building (right next to its sister restaurant Sushi Den), the Izakaya Den building will turn into a brewpub concept similar to Ale House at Amato's. Don't expect a new brewpub too soon, though, as the company plans to renovate some of its other establishments first. Restaurant makeovers will take place at Gaetano's, Wazee Super Club and Wynkoop Brewing Company.

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Izakaya Den [Photo: Adam Larkey]


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