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DiFranco's to Debut Mid-May on Lincoln Street

There's a new tenant in the former Deli Zone space at 955 D Lincoln St., and while the concept was coined "an Italian deli-market" in a Westword report earlier this week, owner Ryan DiFranco tells Eater that he likes to think of it as more of a pasta bar with a strong local emphasis, featuring some Italian essentials. DiFranco, a former manager at Houston's Cherry Creek (now Hillstone) and a current bartender at TAG, has been scheming on a restaurant for a couple years now. He decided to launch his idea by selling DiFranco's pasta sauces at farmers markets in July 2011, and now that he has a space, he's ready to fill the Italian fast-casual void he sees in Denver. Like the sauces, the restaurant will be called DiFranco's, and though DiFranco himself isn't too fond of the term "deli," his restaurant will cater to guests' convenience. DiFranco's will feature dine-in and grab-in-go options, including fresh fresh pastries, breads and desserts. DiFranco's will also stay open through the early evening for people who want to grab dinner. Look for a mid-May opening.

· DiFranco's Mouth-Watering Pasta Sauce [YouTube]

[Photo: Ryan DiFranco, DiFranco's Owner]


955 D Lincoln St. Denver, CO