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Is Sexy Pizza Too 'Green-Minded' For South Pearl?

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Sexy Pizza S. Pearl
Sexy Pizza S. Pearl
Photo: Adam Larkey

Blogger Quincy Snowdon thinks that Sexy Pizza owner Kayvan Khalatbari is "seriously testing the wholesome, family-oriented waters" with its new location on Pearl Street. And why? Because of Sexy Pizza's visible support for marijuana friendly non-profits like Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA), Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Sensible Colorado and SAFER. Sexy Pizza offers a different signature pie for each non-profit, and donates a dollar from each sale. So does Sexy Pizza think it's disrupting the oh-so-wholesome South Pearl hood? Not so much. Here's a recent response to Snowdon via Facebook:

Is Sexy Pizza controversial? I think this gentleman would be surprised by how many people use marijuana, medically or otherwise, even in the Washington Park area. I think a lot of people would be surprised...these people are our doctors, lawyers, accountants, professors, waiters, construction workers, etc...what's controversial about an adult choosing to make the choice to use a Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER)? Especially for medical purposes, I will always support cannabis because I have seen first hand what it an do for folks with AIDS, HIV, Cancer, MS, Nausea...the list goes on and on.

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Sexy Pizza

1579 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO