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CO Shows Promise for Restaurant Growth; Cans v. Glass

Wheel Club 404
Wheel Club 404
Photo: Adam Larkey

STATEWIDE— Colorado has been named one of the top 10 states for full-service restaurant growth by Restaurant Management magazine. Mark Berzins, who owns Little Pub establishments, tells the Rmgt that “people here are not pulling in their horns. Restaurant spaces are getting gobbled up, new restaurants are opening, and food spending has held up in spite of the economy.” [RM]

DENVER— What's not to love about bikes, bars, dress-up and friends? Nothing, which is why Denver Cruisers Ride is in its 7th year. This year's Wednesday meet-ups start May 16th, and some of the new dress-up themes include Zoo, American F*ck Yea, Space Invaders and Fruits & Veggies. For those looking to start off the season right away, Wheel Club 404 is hosting all you can drink nights this Friday and Saturday. [Eaterwire]

FT. COLLINS— Is it more sustainable to sell beer in cans or glass? For anyone who's losing sleep over this question, New Belgium Brewing has published a Q&A on the topic. [NB]

EDWARDS— Zak Stone's restaurant The French Press, a French eatery, has closed its doors after 11 years of business. [VD]